5 Things to Do the Summer Before High School

You are about to begin one of the most life-changing chapters of your life—high school. But first, you have one more summer to enjoy! Here are a few things you should do this summer to prep for success in high school:

Think about the classes ahead of you

High school is a great time for you to explore many different areas of study. With many high schools offering courses ranging from woodworking, to art, to business administration, you should try to take advantage of this array of subjects. The next few years are optimal for trying to figure out what interests you, to potentially set you up for choosing a college major, and to eventually pursue a career. You never know what you will end up loving; give everything a chance! Take this time before high school to think about your upcoming coursework. Of course, you will be required to take certain general education requirements, but there is often room for extracurricular subjects as well. Meet with your advisor or school counselor to optimize your schedule with such electives if possible.

Learn about extracurricular activities

Clubs, music, sports… the number of ways to get involved in high school is enormous. As you approach your freshman year of high school, you should definitely do some digging to learn about the types of programs available at your school. Make sure you are aware of any upcoming deadlines or auditions/try-outs that many clubs and teams have, sometimes even in the summer. Involvement in extracurricular activities provides many benefits. For one, you get to meet new people who love the same activities and hobbies you do. It never hurts to gain new friends. Additionally, you have the ability to get a much needed break from schoolwork. High school can be stressful, so you might as well take advantage of all the fun that is to be had before and after classes.

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Go shopping

There is nothing better than getting some brand new items to start the school year off right! School supplies basics like a planner, a backpack, highlighters, notebooks, and so on, are great to have for the first day. Once you start classes, you may also realize you want a locker organizer or a new binder. It can also be fun to spruce up your wardrobe right before high school. Make sure you have a great pair of comfortable gym shoes, as well as clothes that make you feel confident and ready to learn.

Seek out (and attend) freshman orientation

Many schools offer a freshman orientation before school begins, and you definitely should attend! This orientation is a great way to learn about the ins and outs of the school. Bring your class schedule with you and find the locations of all your classrooms. Also take advantage of this time to interact with upperclassmen. Ask them all of those burning questions you have in the back of your mind. They will be able to fill you in on study tips, the fastest routes around the school, interesting opportunities available, and so on. Do not be shy! You may as well ask these questions now while you have the entire summer to digest the information.

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Enjoy yourself

Once high school starts, you are going to be extremely busy. Mentally prepare yourself for this transition, but also be sure to enjoy the moments of free time you have now. Use parts of the summer to just take a breather. Hang out with friends, travel with family, or even just spend time to yourself doing the things you love. You will feel so refreshed once the school year begins.


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