How to Make the Most of Your Summer ACT/SAT Prep

Summer is the perfect time to begin studying for the ACT or SAT. Regardless of which test you choose, or if you plan to sit for both exams, take advantage of the summer months as an opportunity to deep-dive into prep. Summer can allow you a more flexible study schedule and may leave you better rested to tackle test prep. Make the most of your summer ACT/SAT prep by registering for your exam, using your time wisely, and working with a tutor. Here are several other tips to help you make the most of your summer ACT and SAT prep:

Make the most of your summer ACT/SAT prep by working with others

Working with an ACT tutor, an SAT tutor, or a friend can be a great place to start with your summer test prep. A tutor can assess your weaknesses and offer suggestions on how to improve them. In addition, a tutor can provide customized help, thus increasing your efficiency during your summer study hours. Tutors often have numerous resources, so you’re unlikely to run out of practice questions.

A study group can also be helpful to your summer ACT/SAT prep in many ways, including:

  • Your peers can hold you accountable to your review schedule

  • Working with a study group can help you further identify both areas of needed improvement and areas where you are succeeding.

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Make the most of your summer ACT/SAT prep by using your time wisely

If you’re setting aside time to study for the SAT or ACT, make sure you’re using that time wisely. Turn off your phone and remove all distractions. Experiment with using a timer to help you focus. While you’re practicing, note what you need the most help on. Taking practice tests can help you recognize areas of focus and how to best use your prep time. After you take a practice test, review the results, identify what you need to work on, and practice those trouble spots before taking another practice exam.

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Make the most of your summer ACT/SAT prep by scheduling practice time

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t use those great time management skills you’ve honed in high school. Set aside time in your schedule to practice for the ACT or SAT. Do you have a summer job or summer school commitments? Note these commitments in your calendar so that you can schedule prep time when you will be able to fully focus.

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Make the most of your summer ACT/SAT prep by registering for your exam

At the beginning of your summer prep, research upcoming test dates. Once you register for your exam, you’ll have a specific deadline to complete your studying by. Filling out your College Board profile can also be helpful before junior or senior year. It’s great to take advantage of the summer time to get these administrative tasks out of the way.

Make the most of your summer ACT/SAT prep by keeping your eye on the prize

When SAT and ACT prep get stressful, it’s important to remind yourself of your end goal. Perhaps you have a dream college that you’re working toward. Remember that great test scores can set you apart from your other well-rounded peers. When you get discouraged, remind yourself of your goals—you’ve got this!

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