3 Efficient Ways to Study on the Go

The holiday season inevitably means lots of traveling, but doesn’t often mean a break in the work that you are responsible for as a student. With finals right around the corner, it is particularly vital to maximize all of your available time. When you’re on the go — whether it’s to a family holiday party, traveling to cheer on your school in a basketball game, or even just your daily commute to and from class or work, you should take advantage of that time to get some of your studying in. No matter if you’re on a plane, taking a car trip, or walking through campus, use these following suggestions to study on the go.

1. Listen to a relevant podcast

Even if you’re the one behind the wheel, you can still get studying done on the go. Search for podcasts (before you start driving) that are educational and informative. There are general education podcasts that can help freshen up your skills in a variety of areas, but there are also specialized podcasts that may relate directly to what you are learning in class. Do you have an English test coming up? Try listening to Grammar Girl, which gives you tips on pertinent grammar rules. Many universities also have free podcasts that you can check out, often that come right from college lectures. If you’re struggling with concepts in calculus, try downloading a few podcasts from a college calculus lecture. Not only are you revisiting concepts, but hearing it from someone other than your own professor might help you understand ideas in a whole new way. This doesn’t have to be limited to car trips either. You can listen to podcasts on your way to class, on the plane during a long trip, or even on a bus ride to a nearby destination.

2. Mobile tutoring

One of the hardest parts about traveling during the holiday season is you can often feel like you’re missing out on the academic support you’re accustomed to. When you’re away from your professors, TAs, and other in-person instructors, it can be difficult to get the help you need right when you need it. Although your aunt might claim to know everything about physics, sometimes it’s best to go straight to the subject-matter experts. Varsity Tutors' mobile tutoring helps you find support no matter where you are. Download the app to connect with expert tutors who can assist you directly from the screen of your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. From test prep to help with papers to general study support, you can get connected with a personal tutor right at your fingertips.  

3. Use digital practice problems, flashcards, & prep books

In addition to mobile tutoring, Varsity Tutors' series of free mobile apps can help you study subject-specific content, from AP Calculus to organic chemistry. Each app has educational resources that include practice tests, quizzes, flashcards, and additional learning tools to help you learn the content in a way that works for you. Studying for the ACT or SAT amidst all these finals? Download any of the free Varsity Tutors Test Prep Books straight to your Kindle to review hundreds of pages of content, including comprehensive lesson plans and full-length practice tests.

New technology has made studying on the go just as easy as hunkering down in the library. Don’t let busy commutes and travel interrupt your study time this year; maximize it, instead!


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