5 Myths About the Last Year of College

If you are in or approaching your last year of college, you may feel like you have been in school forever. And you're not entirely wrong – a good portion of your life has been spent inside the walls of academia. As you complete what may be your final year of formal education, it helps to be aware that you may have received some false information about this time. Here are five myths about the last year of college:

Myth #1: Your final semester is a formality

Some students may believe that their final semester of school is a formality. However, this is simply not the case. In fact, your final semester of college can be very difficult.

If you do not pass every course required for your major, as well as all your gen eds, you likely won't graduate. You may be just one class short, but you will still have to stay on an extra semester to finish your degree. Attend class, complete your homework, network with your peers and professors, and you’ll be well on your way to passing that course.These are some tips to prepare you for college graduation

Myth #2: Your GPA is no longer important  

You may have heard that your GPA in your final year or semester is of little importance. This is incorrect – you will need a great GPA to pursue a Master's degree, secure a post-graduate internship, etc. To set yourself apart from the competition, maintain your GPA, even as the year winds down.

Remember too that all your grades contribute to your cumulative GPA, so a poor semester can make a difference. Additionally, if someone looks at your performance during your final year, you do not want them to be disappointed by your record.

Myth #3: Your major doesn't matter

This myth is one that may follow you throughout your college career. As you approach your final year of school, you may be tempted to switch majors in order to graduate ahead of schedule. But your major partially dictates what sort of career you will have. Think carefully about the kind of education you will need for the kind of career you want. These tips may help if you are still in the process of choosing your major.

Myth #4: Student loan forgiveness is very common

This myth is especially prevalent on social media, where false information runs rampant. Always double-check sources that offer to reduce your student loans.

It is very difficult to secure student loan forgiveness, and few organizations offer this benefit. In order to qualify, you must meet a specific set of requirements, so do your research when verifying claims.

Myth #5: There is no financial aid for seniors

Luckily, this myth about the last year of college is wrong – there is plenty of financial aid available to seniors. For example, you may qualify for scholarships, grants, or student loans. You may also be able to apply for paid internships. Such internships can help you cover the cost of your education and build your resume.

As a college student, you will encounter a greal deal of information, and some of it will be false. There are many myths about the last year of college, including those listed above. As a scholar, it is your job to sort the fact from the fiction.