3 Green Majors Students Should Know About

Green majors, or majors focusing on environmental issues, have become increasingly popular among college students. And for good reason—job growth in the environmental sector has jumped in recent years. Today, colleges and universities offer exciting green majors to fit these job opportunities, such as geographic information science and renewable energy engineering. Here are three green majors that you should know about:

Green major #1—geographic information science

An increasing number of colleges and universities offer majors in geographic information science. Geographic information science, sometimes called “GIS” for short, is a field that uses information technology to better understand the earth, including the people and natural processes that shape it.

When it comes to careers, a person with GIS training might work as a cartographer, a surveyor, or in another role. You will create maps, reports, tables, and so on using GIS technologies such as digital mapping software to document how a natural environment or human space changes over time. These documents can be used to analyze and plan areas.

Colleges and universities like the following offer reputable bachelor’s degree programs in GIS:

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Green major #2—environmental planning and design

Another popular degree program is environmental planning and design. This field involves creating and managing environments that are both physically and culturally functional, allowing humans and nature to live in harmony.

Degree programs in environmental planning and design are intended to prepare students for a job in the field. A bachelor’s degree in this field will provide individuals with knowledge and skills in engineering, environmental science, and other supplementary disciplines, like GIS.

Environmental planning and design, and similar undergraduate majors, are offered by institutions like:

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Green major #3—renewable energy engineering

One of the fastest-growing career fields in the U.S. today is renewable energy. There are many job opportunities in this field. You might want to work hands-on as a technician or behind the scenes as a renewable energy technology developer. Or, you might want to sell renewable energy technologies to the public, the government, or corporations.

A degree in renewable energy engineering can prepare you for a job in the renewable energy field. As part of this kind of bachelor’s degree program, you will learn about energy, environmental science, sustainability, and engineering. When you’re in your final undergraduate year, you might be asked to develop a renewable energy project as part of a group to learn more about what it’s like work in the field.

Some of the colleges and universities offering renewable energy engineering degrees, or similar programs of study, include:

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