How to Find Educational Summer Camps

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With the end of the school year quickly approaching, you may be searching for the perfect summer activities for your child. Summer camp is a great way to keep your child occupied, enjoying themselves, and academically stimulated throughout the summer days. You can find the right summer camp for your child by researching college and university camps and utilizing local resources, like bulletin boards.

When searching for camps, first identify local camps, such as ones in your city or neighborhood. If you don’t mind driving, widen your search to the surrounding towns. If you’re unable to tell if a camp’s registration period is still open, gather the provided contact information and reach out to see what opportunities may be available to your student.

Looking for the right summer camp for your child? Here are three strategies for finding educational summer camps at the last minute:

Find educational summer camps by searching local colleges and universities, museums, and school districts

One way to start your search for an educational summer camp is to look to those places that prioritize academics and learning. For example, investigate your local college or university to see if it has programs for youth. If your student is interested in STEM-focused summer camps, you might find options like:

  • Coding-focused camps
  • Robotics summer camps.

Your child’s school district may also have a summer camp that emphasizes learning, such as a camp exploring nature and the outdoors. Lastly, don’t forget to inquire at museums, especially children’s museums. These institutions may have educational programming that can make summer learning fun for your child.

Find educational summer camps by prioritizing large camps, but don’t be afraid to ask about last-minute availability

Larger camps may have the infrastructure in place to squeeze in a last-minute sign up, though this is not guaranteed. If you’re interested in a particular camp that’s smaller and whose registration seems closed, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask if your child may be able to participate.

Find educational summer camps by using your local resources

Often, summer camps will put flyers up in locations they know families frequent. These locations can include the library, coffee shops, or grocery stores, to name a few. When you’re out around town, check any message boards you come across to see if there are any relevant programs for your student.

Additionally, your child’s teachers or friends’ parents could be a great resource to assist your summer camp search. Inquire with other parents about what types of camps their child is participating in over the summer and what organizations are offering them. This may give you an idea of new styles of camps or organizations to research that you might not have thought of before. Your student’s teacher may also know of local educational-based camps that could strengthen particular areas of your child’s studies.

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When it comes to finding the right educational summer camp for your student last-minute, it’s key to know where to look and to make a game plan. Understand the types of camps your child may be interested in and investigate all relevant local organizations to find the perfect fit for your student.

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