3 Tips for Choosing the Right Internship

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With summer break just a few months away, now is an excellent time to begin searching for a summer internship. Accepting the correct internship can set you on a path to success and help you discover the type of work you’re passionate about. Choosing the right internship involves networking with companies in your area, identifying your specific interests, and understanding the internship’s expectations.

Hoping to secure an internship this year? Keep reading to learn three tips for choosing the right internship.

Tip #1 for choosing the right internship: pursue your specific areas of interest

Before searching for an internship, take a moment to identify what you’re looking for in this opportunity. Ask yourself the following questions when determining your internship goals:

  • Am I excited to learn more about a specific industry?
  • What size of organization do I hope to intern at? (Remember that both large and small companies offer their own unique benefits.)
  • What types of skills do I hope to strengthen through my internship?

Once you know what’s important to you, use these criteria when researching internships. There are many internship opportunities available to students, so setting specific goals can be helpful during your search. It can also aid your research to know where to look for such positions. Reach out to your academic advisor, review an online directory through your university, and speak to professors to help add opportunities to your list.

Tip #2 for choosing the right internship: network with local companies and organizations

It’s important to do focused research in your areas of interest when looking for an internship. Once you’ve identified the area you would like to focus your internship studies on, create a list of local companies and organizations to contact regarding any available positions. It can be helpful to start with organizations you have personal connections with. For example, if you’re interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy and are familiar with a local office due to physical therapy you received there after an injury, inquire about any internship opportunities available to students. Additionally, talk to your parents, teachers, and mentors. These adults may have relationships with individuals in the field that you’re interested in who can recommend you for an internship position.

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Tip #3 for choosing the right internship: understand the position’s expectations

Make sure you’re very clear with whomever you’re communicating with in the internship application process in terms of what’s expected of you. Clearly state your availability, major requirements, and what you hope to learn from this experience. This will ensure that you’re starting out on the same page as your internship coordinator. Secondly, be sure to read everything that’s required of the interns chosen. You don’t want to be blindsided by certain responsibilities or requirements of the position. Fostering an open line of communication from the beginning of the process can support a positive experience if you do accept the position.

Once you’ve secured the right internship for you, what’s next? Pay attention, be observant, and learn as much as possible. Understand that an internship is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your skills and gain a deeper understanding of your intended career.

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