3 Benefits of Tutoring for Students With Learning Differences

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Every student is different—and so are the ways in which they learn best. As the parent of a student with special learning needs, you may be struggling to find the support and resources that will allow them to feel properly equipped for success, as well as to flourish as a student and an individual.

Tutoring is one tool that parents can use to help their students with learning differences gain the academic confidence they deserve. The benefits of tutoring for students with learning differences include an individualized experience that is tailored to your child’s unique learning style, the opportunity to develop greater confidence, and increased ownership over your student’s educational journey. We’ve outlined each advantage in greater detail below.

1. Tutoring is personalized to your child’s individual learning style

With one-on-one learning difference tutoring, your child can learn new material or revisit prior content in a way that suits their specific learning style. After inquiring about the concepts and skills your student finds challenging, a tutor can develop a plan to address each area of concern in an individualized way. This can include integrating recommendations from your child’s teacher or school, if appropriate.

Because private tutoring takes place outside the classroom, your student can meet with their tutor as often as they need to, as well as whenever they’re most comfortable—and tutoring allows your child to benefit from targeted instruction for a longer period of time than most schools can accommodate. In addition, online tutoring enables you to work with a tutor who has the precise expertise you need, no matter your location. Accessing a tutoring session is as simple as logging in from your home.   

Tutors who work with students with learning differences are also accustomed to adapting material to auditory, kinesthetic, verbal, and visual learners. Whether your child thrives when using one or multiple learning styles, their tutor can craft lessons to speak to these strengths.

2. Tutoring can instill confidence in your child

Tutoring offers students with learning differences a low-pressure environment in which to practice and hone both academic and “soft” skills. In a one-on-one setting, your child can begin to master challenging elements like organization and time management that are as important as academic concepts as they progress through their education.  

Varsity Tutors can help students and their families thoughtfully connect with tutors who understand their specific goals and needs. As your child’s tutor gets to know them, the tutor can offer personalized strategies and techniques that can help to simplify difficult ideas and skills.

This kind of one-on-one attention can enable students to feel more confident, both in and out of the classroom. As your child grows more confident in tutoring sessions, this newfound ability will also eventually migrate to the classroom and other areas of their life (such as friendships at school).

3. Tutoring allows families to take ownership of their child’s learning experience

Over time, tutoring promotes positive learning habits that can help you and your child gain a sense of control over their education. For many students with learning differences—and, by extension, their families—the classroom and school environment can be overwhelming and frustrating. Students may feel as if their voices are too small or different to be heard, and parents may be uncertain about how to best aid their children. A tutor can serve as a support for all members of the family, and can help your student achieve their learning goals.

At the end of the day, one of your goals as a parent is likely to provide your child with a positive educational experience that is both high-quality and enriching. Personalized tutoring provides students with learning differences with the resources, encouragement, and space necessary to grow as both a student and an individual.


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