5 Ways to Stay Motivated During Finals Week

Finals week can be a true test of your academic stamina. By this point in the semester, you’re likely working double time to stay on top of your studies and maintain a positive mindset. As finals week quickly approaches, it’s key to find strategies to stay energized to succeed. Ways to stay motivated during finals week include focusing on your goals, following your study plan, and finding strategies to hold yourself accountable.

Looking to successfully tackle your finals? Keep reading to learn five ways to stay motivated during finals week.

1. Stay motivated during finals week by remembering your goals

Studying for your finals can feel like an endless battle, so it’s important to set goals and to stick to them. You may have a variety of different goals moving into finals week, such as:

  • Are you trying to boost your math grade from a B to an A?

  • Do you need to maintain a certain GPA to participate in a spring sport?

  • Are you aiming to earn a specific grade in order to qualify for acceptance into a particular program?

Whatever they may be, keep these goals in mind when you feel like you can’t study anymore. Write down your goals in your student planner, or print them out and hang them up in your room. Do whatever you have to do to remind yourself of these important reasons to stay on track.

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2. Stay motivated during finals week by sticking to your study plan

You likely have a study plan in place that you’ve used throughout the semester. If not, now is a great time to develop one. Study plans can be broken down by class and can help you to accomplish all of your goals in an organized manner. When you have tests for multiple classes in a short period of time, it can quickly become overwhelming to remain organized. Write your study plan down, and check tasks off the list as you go. Remember, studying more doesn’t always mean that you’re studying smarter. Be honest with yourself about what you need to be working on and commit to that. Even when you’re in the midst of finals week, keep returning to your plan so you don’t forget anything.  

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3. Stay motivated during finals week by holding yourself accountable

Sometimes it’s hard to remain motivated on your own. Do you have some academically motivated friends? Organize an after-school study session to go over notes and challenging questions. Additionally, check in with your teacher to see if they offer office hours in which you could go and ask them questions outside of class. This is a great resource to use, especially for last minute questions. If you’ve been utilizing a tutor throughout the semester, consider scheduling a tutoring session during finals week so that you can get extra practice before your exams. These opportunities for accountability will help you keep going during the challenging parts of finals week.

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4. Stay motivated during finals week by getting a sufficient amount of sleep

You can study all of the material, but if you’re not getting enough sleep, you won’t be able to recall it and synthesize it on the actual exam. Getting enough sleep starts with sticking to your study plan and avoiding late-night study sessions. Going along with getting sufficient sleep is making sure to eat and stay hydrated throughout the week. Taking care of yourself means that you’ll be ready to do your best work on your finals.

5. Stay motivated during finals week by reminding yourself how far you’ve come

Although it may feel like it, finals week won’t last forever. It’s important to remember your goals and to find what motivates you to succeed. Hone in on how you can best use your time and help yourself do the best work.

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