3 Easy (and Educational) Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

The Thanksgiving holiday provides a special opportunity to encourage student reflection on all the things they’re thankful for, and craft projects are an excellent medium for children to make the most of this season. There are many easy—yet educational—Thanksgiving crafts for kids, including composing thankfulness poems, creating menus for a Thanksgiving meal, and designing gratitude cards. Keep reading to learn three easy (and educational) Thanksgiving crafts for kids.

1. Write a thankfulness poem

Ask your child to write and illustrate a thankfulness poem, detailing what they’re grateful for this Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving craft can encourage the expression of gratitude, while also allowing children to practice different types of writing. For example, your student could create an acrostic poem, with the first letter of each line spelling out seasonal words like Thanksgiving and turkey.

Once the poem is written, it can double as a holiday decoration. Have your child write the poem on card stock, along with some illustrations, stickers, or other decorative elements. Then, put the finished poem in a frame to add to a table display, where all your guests can read and enjoy it.

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2. Create menu cards

This Thanksgiving craft can get students involved in the holiday meal planning, while simultaneously creating a useful item for your guests. In order to complete this project, note the following:

  • Use plain card stock and cut each piece in half lengthwise, making two long and narrow menu cards out of each sheet.

  • Children can write and draw representations of the main, sides, and desserts to give guests a sneak preview of what’s coming during the Thanksgiving meal.

On these menus, encourage your child to get creative on the content, such as dividing the menu into courses or giving their own ratings of each dish.

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3. Write gratitude cards

A simple, yet thoughtful, Thanksgiving craft prompts students to create cards to hand out to family members on Thanksgiving. Once they’ve finished designing and decorating the gratitude cards, they can write a special note on the inside, listing a reason they’re grateful for the individual they’re giving the card to. This is a great way for kids to get crafty when acknowledging the people in their lives who they are thankful for.

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Whether you try one or all of these projects, think about putting your own spin on them to establish a new holiday tradition. It’s always beneficial to take the time to learn, create, and reflect as a family during the holidays.


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