3 Questions to Ask Your High School Guidance Counselor This Month

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The start of the spring semester—regardless of your high school grade—can be a pivotal time in your college admissions journey. You likely have a plethora of questions, most centered around what progress you should be making by this time in your high school career. In order to ensure you’re on track, meeting with your high school guidance counselor can be immensely beneficial. Questions to ask your guidance counselor include verifying that your class schedule has you on the right track, understanding which standardized tests are best for you, and learning how your extracurriculars factor into college admissions. 

Hoping to start the spring semester—and continue your college search—on the right foot? Here are three questions to ask your high school guidance counselor this month: 

Question #1 to ask your high school guidance counselor: “Is my high school schedule fully supporting my college admissions chances?”

It’s vital that you follow a high school schedule that will set you up for success in the long-term. While there are likely a list of required courses you must take, be sure that your selected electives and subject-specific course choices will ultimately promote a well-rounded academic profile. Review your remaining required courses with your guidance counselor, as well as any opportunities your schedule may offer for you to complete classes that will best reflect your academic abilities to prospective colleges. Additionally, discuss with your counselor any dual credit options your school may offer so that you can potentially enter your freshman year of college with credits in hand. 

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Question #2 to ask your high school guidance counselor: “Which exams will set me up for college admissions success?”

This month is an excellent time to create a test prep plan for the year. Deciding which standardized tests to take, however, can be more complicated than you might initially believe. It’s important to research whether the schools you’re most interested in have a preference between the ACT and SAT, and make your plan accordingly. In addition, your guidance counselor can help educate you on other testing options that may further bolster your application. These options may include:

  • AP and IB courses
  • SAT Subject Tests

If you feel particularly strong in a specific subject, for example, an SAT Subject Test or enrollment in an AP course may help your college application stand out. Your guidance counselor can help you analyze your academic profile to decide what testing options will be best for you. 

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Question #3 to ask your high school guidance counselor: “How do admissions officers view high school extracurriculars?”

In addition to ensuring you’re taking the right exams and courses that will showcase you as a well-rounded applicant, it’s key to participate in extracurriculars while in high school. School-sponsored clubs offer the unique opportunity to enhance your college application while participating in activities you enjoy. Your guidance counselor can help you discover what groups are available at your school surrounding your interests. In addition, your counselor may be aware of community organizations that you can join that will elevate your college application. 

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