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Interpreting Data

Data can be visually represented in many ways. We use bar graphs , line graphs , and circle graphs to present data in a visual way.

Bar Graphs

A bar graph is used to display the frequency of data in categories , using vertical or horizontal bars. You can easily compare the categories using a bar graph. The bar graph below shows the incarceration rates of different countries. Prisoners per 100 , 000 of the population of the country( 2005 ).

Math diagram

Line Graphs

Line graphs usually show how values change over a period of time . A line graph displays data using line segments.

The line graph below shows the daily high temperature of Placerville , California recorded over a week.

Math diagram

Circle Graphs

Circle graph is used to compare parts of the data to the whole . The entire circle represents 100 % of the data and each sector represents a percent of the total.

The circle graph below shows the results of a survey that asked teen hobbies, ages 13 to 19 .

Math diagram


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