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Factorials might sound complicated, but this math concept is actually deceptively simple. Even though it''s easy to feel daunted the first time you see an exclamation mark in a formula, there''s no reason to be alarmed. Let''s figure out how to deal with factorials.

What you need to know about factorials

All factorials are products of positive integers. Remember, integers are simple whole numbers -- not fractions. When you see a factorial, all you need to do is multiply natural, whole numbers from the chosen value down to 1.

Here are a few examples:

4! = 4*3*2*1 = 24

12! = 12*13*11*10*9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1 = 6227020800

1! = 1

And by definition:

As long as you know the previous factorial, you can calculate the next one easily. For example, we now know that
4! = 24
. To find the value of
, all we need to do is multiply
, giving us 120.

Factorials are useful if we want to calculate combinations and permutations. For example, there are
ways to shuffle a deck of cards. Considering the fact that there are "only"
atoms in the universe, this means that everyone who has ever shuffled a deck of cards has likely done so in a completely unique way.

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