Physical Chemistry : Heat Capacity and Specific Heat

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Thermochemistry

What is the specific heat capacity for a 50-gram sample of metal that increases in temperature by 10 degrees celsius when 2000 joules of energy is added?

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Use the equation:

We can calculate the specific heat capacity for the unknown metal. Since we know the added heat , the mass of the sample , and the change in temperature , we can solve for .

Example Question #1 : Heat Capacity And Specific Heat

A  sample of an unknown metal at  is immersed in water and is allowed to reach equilibrium. If final temperature of the system is  and  of energy are released, what is the identity of the metal?

Sp heat

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It is impossible to determine

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Recall that the formula for specific heat is . Rearranging the equation for specific heat (c) yields 

Remark: keep in mind that the release of energy and the cooling of the metal will give negative values for both  and

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