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One might wonder why we care about chords, circles, and the like, but there''s a reason: We need to be as accurate and as specific as possible in the world. So what exactly is a "chord?" We''ll soon find out.

Chords, explained

A chord is a line that passes through a circle or curved line. While the chord is straight, the segment that it passes through is not. A chord can pass through one or multiple curved segments or arcs.

When a chord passes through a circle, it creates "endpoints" on the boundary or perimeter of the circle.

Visualizing chords

Take a look at the following diagram to visualize how chords work:

Here we can see a total of two chords passing through the circle:

AB and AC

You might already be familiar with one type of chord called a diameter. A diameter is a chord that passes through the center of the circle. As such, this is the longest possible chord of a circle.

Fun facts about chords

There are a number of theorems or "rules" that involve chords. For example:

  • Two minor arcs are congruent only if their corresponding chords are congruent
  • Two chords are congruent if they are equidistant from the center

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