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Question of the Day: CLEP Precalculus

Two hermit crabs are placed in an cage. The growth of the population is represented by N(t) = 2(4)t8, where t represents the number of days that the hermit crabs have been in the cage. How many days pass before the population reaches 100?
22 hrs
67 days
12 days
126 days
23 days

The CLEP Precalculus test has 48 questions that you must answer within 90 minutes. Often a prerequisite for college calculus, it consists of two sections. The first has 25 questions, and the second has 23 questions. You are allowed to use a graphing calculator for the first section. The exam tests your knowledge on mathematical functions such as linear, absolute value, quadratic, square root, exponential, trigonometric, and other functions you need to know before entering a college calculus course. Mastering all of these concepts takes time, but the CLEP Precalculus Question of the Day from Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools provides daily test practice that won’t overwhelm you with too much information at once. In fact, the free CLEP Precalculus exam practice will help you identify any areas needing improvement to allow you to move forward with a focused, personalized study plan.

Available online, the Question of the Day is different from regular CLEP Precalculus practice tests in that it is a short exercise you can fit into your busy schedule. This is an efficient way to review that helps you study CLEP Precalculus anytime you have a few minutes to spare. Each question is chosen at random from the many CLEP Precalculus Practice Tests available on Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools. The topics are taken from past tests, so they accurately represent the material you will encounter on test day. It’s important to take each question seriously and work to understand the underlying concepts to get an idea of how prepared you really are.

If you don’t answer each CLEP Precalculus practice question right the first time, it’s all right. There’s still plenty of time to work on improving your skills. The detailed explanations following each Question of the Day can be used in your CLEP Precalculus study plan. They enable you to focus on the relevant topic and use the explanation to advance your understanding. Each question is pulled from the CLEP Precalculus Practice Tests, so it’s a great tool to use to brush up in small increments throughout each day. Even if you get the answer right, it’s beneficial to know which concepts are behind the answer and its calculations.

The daily CLEP Precalculus test review provided by the Question of the Day is sure to include a topic relevant to your studies. Studying math can seem tedious at times, but Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools enables you to study more efficiently, which may help to reduce the stress many students encounter during the process. You have the opportunity to get valuable CLEP Precalculus test review through the comprehensive Learning Tools available online. The Question of the Day can help you build your skills and enhance your mental flexibility, since each question is different and you won’t know what concept will be tested next. Together with the other CLEP Precalculus Learning Tools, the Question of the Day gives you the opportunity to use detailed, comprehensive online CLEP Precalculus review materials.

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