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Example Question #1 : Graphs

Information about the Hardy Weinberg equation:

The Hardy Weinberg equation is a very important concept in population genetics. Suppose we have two "alleles" for a specific trait (like eye color, gender, etc..)  The proportion for which allele is present is given by  and 

Then by Hardy-Weinberg:

 , where both  and  are non-negative.

Which statement discribes the graph that would appropriately represents the above relation?

Possible Answers:

Curved line passing through the point 

Straight line passing through the point 

Straight line passing through the point 

Parabola opening up passing through the point 

Correct answer:

Straight line passing through the point 


The equation can be reduced by taking the square root of both sides. 



As a simple test, all other values when substituted into the original equation fail.  However,  works. Therefore  is our answer.



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