Finite Mathematics : Linear Equations and Graphs

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Linear Equations And Graphs

A pig's age , in human years , is described by the following function. 

In human years , how old is a four year old pig?

Possible Answers:

Correct answer:


To calculate the age of the pig in human years, first recall the equation that given in the question.

Now, identify the known information given in the question.

Since the pig is four years old, the mathematical statement is

Next, substitute in this value into the equation to calculate the human age.

Therefore, the four year old pig is twelve years old in human years.

Example Question #2 : Finite Mathematics

Graph the function.

Possible Answers:

Screen shot 2016 05 11 at 1.08.27 pm

Screen shot 2016 05 11 at 1.06.53 pm

Screen shot 2016 05 11 at 1.09.02 pm

Screen shot 2016 05 11 at 1.08.05 pm

Screen shot 2016 05 11 at 1.08.47 pm

Correct answer:

Screen shot 2016 05 11 at 1.06.53 pm


To graph the function


create an  table to find values and then plot those values on a coordinate grid and connect the points.

Screen shot 2016 05 11 at 1.06.53 pm

Example Question #3 : Finite Mathematics

Which of the following is true of the lines of the equations


Possible Answers:

The lines coincide.

The lines are parallel.

The lines intersect at one and only one point.

Correct answer:

The lines are parallel.


is in slope-intercept form.

To get

in slope-intercept form, add to both sides, then multiply both sides by , as follows:


The system can thus be stated as

The slope of each line is x-coefficient ; the lines have different y-intercepts. This makes them distinct parallel lines.

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