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Question of the Day: World History

What was the purpose of the Gallipoli Campaign (1915-1916)? 

To show the world the skill and prowess of the newly formed Australia New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs), a group of colonial subjects who would later be renowned for fighting prowess, stubbornness in battle, and irreverence for authority

To attempt a drive on Istanbul/Constantinople, knocking the Ottoman Empire out of the war and opening a supply route through the Black Sea to resupply increasingly desperate Russian troops on the Eastern Front

To gain access to gold reserves in Istanbul/Constantinople, dearly needed due to shortages of precious metals with which the Entente was required to pay for American shipments of armaments, food, and other supplies

To grant Britain a foothold in the Middle East for post-war imperial expansion in anticipation of the Sykes-Picot agreement

To require the Germans to draw massive numbers of troops away from the areas of the Entente's main thrust in France and Belgium, allowing the Entente to break the multiyear stalemate

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