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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Mood

Select from the given options the one that includes a usage error. If all of the options are correct, select "no mistakes."

Possible Answers:

If I was you, I would leave that job immediately.

Having left that job, I would be extremely happy.

Being extremely happy, I would be generous with my time and emotional energy.

No mistakes

Correct answer:

If I was you, I would leave that job immediately.


The example sentence expresses a hypothetical condition that is contrary to fact ("I," by definition, am not "you"); therefore the thought needs to be expressed using verbs in the subjunctive mood. "If" is a usually a good indication that a sentence will be in the subjunctive mood. In the subjunctive, "were" should be used instead of "was." "If I were you, I would leave that job immediately."

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