SAT Math : How to subtract even numbers

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Example Questions

Example Question #51 : Integers

If is an odd integer and is an even integer, which of the following must true of ?

Possible Answers:

The result will be even.

The result will be odd.

We cannot draw any conclusions from the given information.

Correct answer:

The result will be odd.


An even number subtracted from an odd number will always produce an odd result.

None of the other answer choices are correct.

Example Question #2 : How To Subtract Even Numbers


Possible Answers:

Correct answer:


When subtracting even numbers, we will know that the ones digit will also be an even number.

Borrow a one from the tens digit of 64, since we cannot subtract the ones digits.

After borrowing, we can then subtract.

Subtract the tens place.  The tens place of 64 becomes a 5. 

Combine the two numbers.

The answer is .

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