SAT II World History : Colonialism

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Example Question #11 : Colonialism

Which event led directly to control of what would come to be called British India by the British government?

Possible Answers:

The Seven Years' War

World War II

The Sepoy Mutiny

The Massacre at Amritsar

The Battle of Plassey

Correct answer:

The Sepoy Mutiny


In the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, Indian troops serving the British revolted against British rule, but were defeated, and the British government took direct control of British India from the East India Company shortly after. The Seven Years' War and the battle of Plassey occurred a century earlier, and simply marked the start of British dominance in India. The massacre of Amritsar and World War II both occurred in the 20th century, long after direct British rule in India started.

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