SAT II Math I : Solving Functions from Word Problems

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Solving Functions From Word Problems

At Joe's pizzeria a pizza costs $5 with the first topping, and then an additional 75 cents for each additional topping.

If  represents the number of toppings on a pizza, what function represents the cost of a pizza with at least one topping?

Possible Answers:

Correct answer:


Notice that the question describes a linear equation because there is a constant rate of change (the cost per topping). This means we can use slope intercept form to describe the scenario. 

Recall that slope intercept form is

The value of  is the -value when . In this case  means there are zero additional toppings and the question tells us that this pizza costs $5 so:

 is the slope, or rate of change as  increases. In this case each additional topping costs  cents. Notice that the units have shifted from dollars to cents so we must write this as

Notice that the first topping is included in the $5 cost. The  cent charge only applies to additional toppings. So one less than the number of toppings is equivalent to:

Putting all these steps together we get:

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