Precalculus : Augmented Matrices

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Example Questions

Example Question #101 : Matrices And Vectors

Express this system of equations as an augmented matrix:


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Correct answer:


Arrange the equations into the form:

, where a,b,c,d are constants.

Then we have the system of equations: .

The augmented matrix is found by copying the constants into the respective rows and columns of a matrix.

The vertical line in the matrix is analogous to the = sign thus resulting in the following:

Example Question #2 : Augmented Matrices

Using an augmented matrix, solve the following system of equations:


Which of the following are the values of ,,and  that satisfy this system?


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Correct answer:


Create an augmented matrix by entering the coefficients into one matrix and appending a vector to that matrix with the constants that the equations are equal to. Then you can row reduce to solve the system.

First, lets make this augmented matrix:


Now we can row reduce the matrix using the three row reduction operations: mutliply a row, add one row to another, swap row positions.


First, we can subtract 







You can stop here given that this augmented matrix can be rewritten as a system again with

 , or you can continue using the matrix, subtracting multiples of  from the other two rows to get an identity matrix yielding the solution to the system. 




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