ISEE Lower Level Quantitative : Geometry

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Example Question #361 : Grade 8

Observe the location of the black and orange parallel lines on the provided coordinate plane and identify which of the following transformations—rotation, translation, or reflection—the black lines have undergone in order to reach the position of the orange lines. Select the answer that provides the correct transformation shown in the provided image. 


Possible Answers:

A translation down and to the left

A reflection over the y-axis 


Correct answer:

A translation down and to the left


First, let's define the possible transformations. 

Rotation: A rotation means turning an image, shape, line, etc. around a central point.

Translation: A translation means moving or sliding an image, shape, line, etc. over a plane.

Reflection: A reflection mean flipping an image, shape, line, etc. over a central line. 

In the images from the question, the lines were not rotated  because that rotation would have caused the lines to be horizontal, but the lines are still vertical. The lines were not reflected over the y-axis because that transformation would have caused the orange lines to be in the top left quadrant; thus, the correct answer is a translation down and to the left. 

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