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Example Question #1 : Calculating Solubility

Barium fluoride is an insoluble salt.

If the solubility product constant of barium fluoride is , what is the solubility of barium fluoride?

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If given the solubility product constant for a salt, we can determine the solubility for the salt as well. In order to do this, we need to use an ICE table and the equilibrium constant expression.

Initial: When the salt is added to water, there are no ions initially in solution. Because the salt is a solid, its concentration is irrelevant.

Change: When one molecule of barium fluoride dissolves, one barium ion and two fluoride ions are introduced to the solution. As a result, barium ions increase by , and fluoride ions increase by .

End: The equilibrium expression for this salt is , which will allow us to calculate the solubility based on the change in ion concentration.

The solubility for barium fluoride is .

Example Question #1 : Calculating Solubility


Determine the maximum amount of grams of that will dissolve in of water at .

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Definition of :

for .

For :

Due to the chemical formula, there will be twice as many chloride ions as lead ions.

Solve for the unknown variable:

Multiply times the given volume:

Multiply times the molar mass of :

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