High School Biology : Understanding Endothelium

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Example Question #1 : Understanding Endothelium

These cells are metabolically active and produce a number of compounds that affect the the vascular lumen and platelets. They line the blood and lymph vessels.

What cell type is being described?

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The endothelium is a form of squamous epithelium consisting of flat cells that line the blood and lymphatic vessels. Endothelial cells are metabolically active and produce compounds that relax vascular smooth muscle and inhibit the adhesion of platelets.

Adipose, or fat cells, are modified for long-term energy storage and are considered connective tissue. Cone cells are found in the eye and serve as light receptors for the nervous system. Stem cells can develop into more specifically differentiated daughter cells. Dendritic cells help T-cells respond to foreign antigens as part of the immune system. 

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