Jon Krakauer
Lesson plans for Into the Wild , Into Thin Air

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Biography and Background

Jon Krakauer
The author's page at Wikipedia.

Into the Wild

Behind The Famous Story, A Difficult 'Wild Truth'
A review of Carine McCandless' book that explains her brother's motivation.

Into the Wild
A classroom teacher shares her handouts.

Into the Wild
Journal entry prompts, vocabulary practice, study guide questions, and a final essay writing prompt.

Into the Wild Common Core ELA Teacher's Guide
Overview, essential and guiding quesions, reading tasks, writing tasks, analysis, work with video clips, discussion questions, themes, and vocabulary.

Into the Wild short essay prompt
This prompt focuses on character analysis.

Magic Bus 142, Stampede Trail, Healy, Alaska
What did the bus look like? Photo and additional information.

Vocabulary from Into the Wild
A list of 144 words drawn from the novel. Click on the link for definition, synonyms.

Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air
Themes, motifs, and symbols from the book.

Vocabulary from Into Thin Air
A list of 96 words presented in context. Click on the word for definition, synonyms.

Everest Climbing Guides Will Reportedly Walk Off Mountain, Ending 2014 Climbing Season
This nonfiction article discusses the impact of the 2014 avalanche on sherpa guides. It includes a quotation from Krakauer and a link to an article he wrote about danger in climbing the mountain.

Under the Banner of Heaven
Book-club-style discussion questions.