CLEP Humanities : Identifying Artists, Works, and Schools of Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century 2D Visual Art

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Example Question #1 : Identifying Artists, Works, And Schools Of Seventeenth And Eighteenth Century 2 D Visual Art

Who was the painter of the odd court painting Las Meninas?

Possible Answers:


El Greco

Hans Holbein


Diego Velazquez

Correct answer:

Diego Velazquez


Diego Velazquez was an idiosyncratic painter who became the offical court painter for the Spanish king Philip IV. Velazquez's unique composition style, love of odd subjects, and expressive portrait style found its culmination in Las Meninas, a 1656 painting that shows the daughters of the King with their attendants and the painter in a large room with people coming and going. The painting was so remarkable that Pablo Picasso made a cubist version of it in the twentieth century.

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