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You can use the CLEP Calculus Question of the Day to get into the habit of thinking about Calculus content on a daily basis when studying for the CLEP exam. Varsity Tutors' CLEP Calculus Questions of the Day are drawn from each topic and question type covered on the CLEP Calculus exam.

Question of the Day: CLEP Calculus

Let a be the acceleration vector-valued function of a particle defined by a(t) = (1, 6t). Find the velocity vector-valued function of the particle if v(0) = (1, 1).
(t + 1, 3t2 + 1)
(t - 1, 3t2 - 1)
(t, 3t2)
(t - 1, 2t2 - 1)
(1, 1)

If you are interested in a career involving mathematics, or you want to take classes beyond intro-level calculus courses in college, then you should consider taking the CLEP Calculus exam. As a high school student, you can take CLEP exams to get up to three credits per exam of college credit. This credit helps you focus more on higher-level college courses when you enter a college or university, helps you spend less money on entry-level classes, helps you graduate sooner, and even helps you get into graduate school faster. When you decide to take the CLEP Calculus exam, you must prepare as much as possible. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools Question of the Day is a good resource to consult as you develop your study routine. 

You must pass the CLEP Calculus exam to get college-level calculus credit. That means you can’t wait until the last minute to study for this complex mathematics test. You need to work on daily test practice instead, so that you can thoroughly understand calculus equations and how they apply to real-world scenarios. One excellent tool offered in the Learning Tools suite is the Question of the Day. This question updates every single day, so you can practice your calculus skills on all kinds of different problems. These questions are based on past CLEP Calculus exams, so you can see how questions will be worded and formatted on the actual exam.

There are other ways the Question of the Day helps you prepare for the CLEP Calculus exam, as well. This is not just an online multiple-choice test that shows you whether you answered correctly or not; the Question of the Day also tracks your progress as you answer more questions as part of your daily test review. You can pinpoint the calculus concepts you may not understand very well, and focus your studies on those in particular. You can chart your progress and watch your skills improve, and you can also compare your answers to those of other high schoolers who use the Question of the Day to prepare for the CLEP Calculus exam.

The CLEP Calculus Question of the Day is a timed question. You do not have to answer the question in a specific amount of time, but you can track how long it takes you to answer the question. This helps you learn which questions are harder for you, so you can study these and have the answers more readily available in your mind. You can also get used to being timed while taking a test, because the CLEP Calculus exam will be timed. You can work on not only answering multiple-choice calculus questions quickly, but correctly, too.

At the bottom of the page, you can see a full explanation of the correct answer for the Question of the Day explanation. Whether you got the question right or not, this explanation helps you better understand the answer, and you can apply this knowledge to future Questions of the Day, and to the CLEP Calculus exam itself.

Using the free CLEP Calculus exam practice tools offered through Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools is a straightforward and efficient way to study!

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