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Free CLEP Questions of the Day

CLEP stands for College-Level Entrance Program. This suite of tests helps high school students like you earn college credit, so you can get to the more interesting, advanced level college courses sooner, graduate earlier, and even begin your graduate studies faster. So far, there are 33 CLEP exams covering five major subjects, and when you pass an exam, you can earn college credits for your hard work. Passing these exams takes effort, and using the Varsity Tutors’ Question of the Day can help you efficiently prepare for CLEP exams.

If you seek to earn college credit while you’re still in high school, the series of CLEP tests can help you gain a great deal of college credit without the expense of taking the class. However, as an intelligent and driven student, you know that waiting until the last minute to study for these exams is a surefire way to get stressed out, lose sleep, feel unprepared, and even fail the tests. The best way to prepare yourself for any exam, and especially exams as important as the CLEP exams, is to set aside time for daily test practice, every day.

The Question of the Day Learning Tool is a free, online tool aimed to help you review important test material each day. The questions range across all kinds of CLEP subjects, including biology, history, calculus, economics, literature, chemistry, and college-level math. You can make great use of the Questions of the Day relevant to the CLEP exams you are about to take. These multiple-choice questions are based on past CLEP subject tests, so you get to know what kinds of questions will be featured on the tests. You will also be able to compare your answers over time on a graph to see how much you improve as you continue to study and use the Question of the Day to apply your knowledge. You can also compare your answers to those of other students who are preparing for CLEP exams.

One of the other features of this great daily test review is the timer. Because each CLEP test is timed, you must get used to answering multiple-choice questions quickly and accurately. The Learning Tools Question of the Day does not require you to answer in a specific amount of time, but will show you how long you take to answer the question. This can help you see which questions are harder for you, so you can focus your CLEP test review sessions. That focused preparation will help you retain information, fill in gaps in your understanding, and answer correctly in a very short period of time.

You can also scroll down the page to see a detailed description of the correct answer. Whether you got the answer right or not, this description thoroughly informs you why the right answer is right. You can get a more in-depth understanding of the correct answer, which you can apply to similar questions in the future.

Check out our free CLEP practice tools, including the CLEP Questions of the Day in all kinds of subject areas, to get started with your CLEP preparation!

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