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CLEP Flashcards

Want to review CLEP but don’t feel like sitting for a whole test at the moment? Varsity Tutors has you covered with thousands of different CLEP flashcards! Our CLEP flashcards allow you to practice with as few or as many questions as you like. Get some studying in now with our numerous CLEP flashcards.

The College-Level Examination Program, more commonly referred to as CLEP, offer exams that allow students to earn credit for undergraduate courses with qualifying test scores. The test is administered by the College Board, and almost 3,000 U.S. colleges participate in the program. In order to obtain college credit, you will need to achieve a minimum qualifying score on the exam. CLEP exams can be a less expensive and more convenient alternative to taking college courses for credit. However, passing the CLEP exam will require some studying to refresh your skills and comprehension in the chosen subject. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools provides CLEP study resources that will help you prepare for the CLEP exam, including hundreds of CLEP flashcards that can make studying quick and efficient.

There are 33 CLEP exams that cover several different categories of study, including Science and Mathematics, History and Social Sciences, Foreign Languages, and Composition and Literature. Within each of these broad categories, there are more specialized sub-categories of testing. For example, there are CLEP tests available for American Government, College Composition, Biology, and College Algebra, among others. The number of questions varies according to the specific test. Most of the exams are mainly made up of multiple-choice questions, and are timed. Practicing with flashcards, you can quickly go over information on several different topics, helping your mind transition more easily into test mode.

Learning Tools Flashcards provide instant feedback to each question by showing the correct answer and an explanation. You may choose to study just a few here and there when you have spare time, or you can take a more in-depth approach by selecting a specific category of CLEP flashcards. Free online flashcards are the perfect way to review material quickly, but thoroughly. You can even utilize the flashcards creator to build your own deck, allowing you to concentrate on the areas that need the most practice. With these comprehensive Learning Tools at your fingertips, you will find a variety of resources for studying for the CLEP exam.

In addition to the CLEP online flashcards, Learning Tools offer several other helpful options such as the Question of the Day, Learn by Concept, and Practice Tests. Practice Tests allow you to explore by topic or to build your own practice according to the material you need to go over the most. All Learning Tools are conveniently accessible on the go, and the free online study tools are available where an Internet connection is available. You can even download the app from iTunes or Google Play for faster, more efficient access to all the benefits Learning Tools offer.

With a free Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools account, you’ll not only be able to access your personalized online study aids when you need them, but you can also share them with friends and classmates. Once you log in to your online Learning Tools account, you’ll be able to view your performance and achievements. With this information, you can more efficiently and effectively plan your study goals.

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