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Free ACT Resources

Our free ACT learning tools offer a comprehensive suite of resources to help you improve your abilities in this area. We offer diagnostic tests, practice tests, flashcards, and well organized example content to let you dive in to any specific concept within ACT.

Free ACT English Resources

Our free ACT English learning tools offer a comprehensive suite of resources to help you improve your abilities in this area. We offer diagnostic tests, practice tests, flashcards, and well organized example content to let you dive in to any specific concept within ACT English.

“The ACT English test is what stood between Paula and her dream college; if only she had invested more time in preparation!”

What’s wrong with that sentence? Anything? Is that semicolon used correctly, or should it be a comma? How about making it two sentences? Is that right?

The ACT English exam asks you questions just like this. You can read a line to yourself, have it sound appropriate and conversational, and then be asked a fairly detailed question about the punctuation mechanics. Distinguishing a semicolon from a comma still gives some adults nightmares!

The good news is that the ACT English exam doesn’t test you on the authors of those Victorian novels you read in tenth grade. You won’t have to rattle off Shakespeare quotes, or identify authors by style. Instead, you will have to answer fairly basic, but tricky, questions on grammar, word choice, and punctuation. Whether you need top ACT English tutors in AtlantaACT English tutors in Houston, or top ACT English tutors in San Francisco, working with a pro may take your studies to the next level.

For many students, studying for the ACT English exam is a blast from the past. You may not have had to answer questions like these since middle school, since most high schools focus on English literature over English mechanics. Advanced students may be the worst positioned in this regard, having spent their time in classes studying lofty works of Western literature instead of detailed grammar rules. Clearly, memorizing these rules won’t be effective. Unless you plan on memorizing the entirety of a grammar textbook, you’re going to need a better plan. The answer is actually pretty simple.

The key to success on the ACT English test is the same as the key to success on the rest of the ACT: practice! The more you practice, the more intuitive questions like the one you read at the beginning of this discussion. You can practice yourself or try ACT English tutoring. This can save you anxiety, frustration, and time, and considering that you are facing 75 questions in just 45 minutes on this section, time is an essential resource!

What’s important to consider, however, is that practice is necessary, but not sufficient. Just going through the motions of answer lots of ACT English questions won’t give you the advantage that you would get from completing questions, and then carefully reviewing what you answered incorrectly and why. You may find that completing practice questions with a knowledgeable resource by your side especially helpful.  Teachers, preparation material, or ACT English tutors all offer you the opportunity to practice smarter. You can get as much out of a handful of questions as you would answering many more on your own.

You can supplement or structure your review with the help of the free ACT English resources offered on Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools website. Our free ACT English practice tests each present you with about a dozen questions each, whereas our free ACT English diagnostic tests are compendiums of forty to sixty problems apiece that offer a more complete look at the content you may face on test day. If you don’t have time to take a practice test but still want to review, our free ACT English flashcards may be just the resource for you. A free digital ACT prep book is also available. No matter which of our resources you use, our ACT English problems are accompanied by full answer explanations, so you don’t have to worry about being unable to ascertain where you went wrong in answering a question incorrectly. Creating a free Learning Tools account allows you to easily revisit the results you receive as you use our ACT English resources and to track your progress over time.

The effort and time you invest in the ACT English exam is not for naught past exam day.  Sure, exam day is what’s on your mind right now. But also consider how central is communication to every field you can study. Maybe you see yourself as a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, or a scientist? In all of these diverse fields, communication is critical. Where would the scientific world be if no two scientists could share their results easily? Your efforts at mastering the subtleties of English mechanics for the ACT English exam will help you on test day, yes, but also for years beyond as you become a superb communicator.


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