The Jones Family Express by Javaka Steptoe
Lesson plans and teaching resources

Developing Sentence Imitation
This extensive document offers model sentences, analysis, and suggestions for teacher examples. Pages 87-91 relate specifically to The Jones Family Express . 192 pages; Adobe Reader required.

The Jones Family Express
Summary, prereading and discussion questions, vocabulary, suggestions for use in literature circles, reader response and writing topics, ESL and interdisciplinary strategies.

The Jones Family Express
2-day lesson plan with vocabulary and pre-reading, during-reading, and post-reading ideas. Emphasis on inferences and on determining what is important. Word processor required.

The Jones Family Express
Students note details as they read. Includes text-dependent questions, vocabulary words, a writing task, and additional learning activities. Word processor required for access.

The Jones Family Express
Oral language activities, including a slide presentation and 2 online learning activities related to going on a journey.

Jones Family Express Phonics
Students work with the /ü/ and /ú/ sounds and with vocabulary words. Word processor required.

Jones Family Express Reading Log
Students use this graphic organizer to visualize, summarize, make connections, and review. Word processor required.