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Varsity Tutors offers Science tutoring by highly credentialed tutors in Washington DC. We'll help you learn Science through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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The Science tutors are exceedingly qualified to help you reach your goals. They come from such prestigious universities as MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and additional high-caliber institutions.

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Undergraduate Degree:
Johns Hopkins University - Behavioral Biology

Graduate Degree:
De Paul University - Biology

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Undergraduate Degree:
Georgia Institute Of Technology - Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

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Undergraduate Degree:
Cornell University - Biology And Society

How we help you master: Science


Your personal learning style and needs will be assessed by our educational director to ensure your key goals are met in Science.


Your tutor will pinpoint the areas in which you excel in Science and the areas that require extra attention.


Our 1:1 Science tutoring is specifically designed to help you meet and surpass your goals.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

During this session we talked about the student's test that she took this past week. We discussed what was on the test and what issues she had. She did not have the test back yet so we were not able to go over it. After we talked about the test we went over her homework assignment. She is going to talk with her teacher this week to identify her areas of strengths and weaknesses.

We continued the review, rehashing the topics from the day before (converting between radians and degrees, 30-60-90 triangles, 45-45-90 triangles, sin and cos of simple angles), and extended it to solving for values of theta that satisfied specific requirements of sin/cos and quadrant.

Today the student brought a geometry book home from school and we discussed functions. Additionally, we discussed planning the rest of the semester and summer, keeping in mind his goal of returning to his old high school in the fall.

Physics reviewed for the student's quiz on Friday.  Went through practice assessment test problems from the textbook on Work, Momentum, Impulse, Energy.  I think she's in good shape for the quiz.

Worked through the final review the student was given from her professor. I also better explained the concept of inverse trig functions we had begun last time.

We worked on writing prompts and the initial phases of preparing a successful essay. We also practiced figurative language writing and reviewed past lessons, then checked sentence structure knowledge.

We worked on math and reading. She has a tough time with word problems but is excellent with working out problems once she has them. We also worked on reading and she did just fine with that. We worked on doing the problems and reading efficiently rather than thoroughly. She does fine with story-like material, but definitely needs work on denser, more technical-related material.

The student and I had a session yesterday to prepare for her test coming up this week. Her class has been going through all of the different subject matter in electricity and are now putting it all together. We reviewed the formulas she will need and went over some math and conceptual problems in circuits, power, resistance, electric fields, and charge. Electricity seems to be one of the areas she understands really well and I didn't see anything that she struggled with in particular. She can be confident she will get a very high score on this test.

We went over sequences and series, including finding recursive and explicit formulas and finding sums of arithmetic and geometric sequences. We covered the meaning of n and the general concepts of sequences and series. We also spent a good deal of time talking about general academic planning and college applications.

The student and I went over the math problems that she completed for homework. Then, I gave her some tips for the reading section of the ACT, and she completed three reading passages. After each passage, we discussed her responses. Lastly, after an overview of the science section, she finished two passages and I explained any incorrect responses or confusing questions.

Advised on Biology homework about classifying varying species and genus of animals. Helped with difficult problems in Algebra with factoring and finding LCF in polynomials. The session went very well.

Worked on 3 fraction decimal worksheets and student got all 100%. We covered positive and zero exponents and student did excellent work. Next worked with prime factorization, student had excellent work. Also had comparing decimal place value and decomposing fractions. Student did excellent work.

How can a Varsity Tutors tutor assist you in conquering Science?

Subjects in the sciences present an unusual blend of concrete data and creative problem solving. Students must at once design unique approaches to experimental setups, and derive the correct empirical answer from their work. Biology, chemistry, physics, and all the subjects beyond require students to think in new ways and develop a new sense of the world around them.

The amount of material presented in science classes can be overwhelming, and the combination of creativity and pragmatism can vex even the most brilliant students. Enlisting the help of a qualified science tutor can help you sort through the challenges presented by scientific courses. Whether you are working through a unit on rainforests in elementary school, or are pursuing a graduate degree in neuroscience, science tutoring may be able to give you some much-needed clarity on the subjects begin covered. Varsity Tutors offers science tutoring at all levels in across the DC metro area, including Maryland and northern Virginia. Each student is matched specifically with a tutor to best suit his or her needs. Your science tutor will meet when and where it is most convenient for you, and design custom lesson plans to cover only the topics most relevant to your course or project. Science tutoring in Washington DC allows you to dictate the focus of your education. We offer assistance in everything from genetics to electrochemistry to quantum physics; call us today to be matched with the perfect tutor for your needs!

Science offers the language to let us understand the natural world around us. Processes such as rainfall and blood flow are all governed by biological, chemical, and physical laws. The study of these subjects drives new technological achievements. Moreover, mastering scientific concepts significantly broadens students’ opportunities for college, graduate school, and careers.

Varsity Tutors provides premier at-home science tutoring. From middle school science projects to college level courses, Varsity Tutors offers resources for academic success. Our tutors know the material, know how to teach, and have taken upper-level college science courses. Contact us today to find out more about our science tutors for:

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