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I am a current undergraduate of English Linguistics and will be graduating in fall 2016. I plan on pursuing my Masters and beyond in graduate studies in both Teaching English as a second language and English Linguistics starting in Fall 2017. My concentration includes methodologies in teaching English, both Modern English Grammar and teaching English to non-native speakers. My GPA within the linguistics program is 3.95 and my overall GPA is 3.8. With full marks in writing and speech as well, I can offer a well-rounded approach to written and spoken communication. Lastly, with a background in Japanese, I have successfully completed 15 credits worth of Japanese with a 4.0, and an average of 3.75 in all Japanese language classes, as well as being a supplemental instructor for the introductory class, this helps me both in Japanese Tutoring through both Genki and Nakama textbooks, or to help facilitate communication with Japanese students looking to learn English.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Eastern Michigan University - Current Undergrad, Linguistics (minor TESOL)

Video Games, Activism, Veganism, Animal Rights, Concerts, Music, Fairs, Festivals, Fiction