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Having a diverse background of growing up in Egypt, attending undergraduate and graduate school in the US and medical school in the West Indies, I have have been fortunate to interact and tutor students throughout every phase of my education. Tutoring students with different cultural and academic backgrounds has taught me to implement an individualistic approach of teaching This method would help enable each of them to learn and understand the concepts rather than just memorize.

While attending undergraduate and graduate school at the University of Missouri, I worked as a TA in a Medical Microbiology and immunology lab, this experience has exposed me to teach a group rather than individuals at once. It lead me to implement methods of active learning to ensure that the content presented was understood by everyone. While also working as a tutor in the athletic department, I would be assigned to student athletes who were performing poorly in their courses due to the lack of interest in studying and education, while allocating most of their time to training for their respective sport. For the first time it has taught me that being able to built trust, mentor, and support a student can have a major impact on their academic performance. That in order to gain a students respect and attention, you have to give them the same in return.

During the past several years, i have also worked in healthcare and public health. As a firm believer of disease prevention, this has lead me to focus vastly on educating patients on understanding their illnesses and methods that would improve their prognosis. Also, during my public health training I would attend clinics in areas that are endemic for certain conditions (Hepatitis C, HIV etc…) and present to the locals about the etiologies and pathologies of these conditions, and how they could prevent or decrease their risk of exposure.

Each of these experiences has been a crucial component of the my ideologies on how to effectively teach, mentor, and motivate people about learning by understanding. I believe that being a teacher is more than just explaining content, but being able to teach using an individualistic approach, while building trust with all those you work with, whether a student, patient, or members of a community.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Missouri-Columbia - Bachelors, Biological Sciences

Graduate Degree:

 University of Missouri-Columbia - Masters, Public Health

Soccer,working out, politics, geography, history, tabla, hiking, technology.

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