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I have been tutoring students and training professionals since 2011 when I was working as an emergency medical technician. Whether training in life saving techniques in the field or instructing math and physics in a classroom I have come to enjoy watching my students grow in proficiency and confidence.

I will be graduating in May Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University at Buffalo. In the fall I will begin graduate studies in Aerospace Engineering remotely from Purdue University. During my academic career I have worked as part of a university team constructing a satellite funded by the air-force, and have worked on several other projects such as designing a radar system, and autonomous navigation of robotic systems.

In my tutoring I have always strived to take a very practical approach. I believe that both memorizing equations, or “plug and chug” techniques are both inadequate. Conceptual understanding and practical application are both equally important as one informs the other. I know a student understands a topic when they are both able to discuss its implications as well as solve numerical problems.

Math and physics are some of my favorite subjects to tutor. Getting to talk about the first principles that lead to all of the amazing engineering I love is incredibly enjoyable for me. Outside of my academic pursuits I am an avid cyclist, rock-climber, ice-climber and hiker. I also enjoy photography, programing robotics and gardening. I have lived all over the country including Alaska and Hawaii and love to share all the tips of traveling I have learned over the years.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University at Buffalo - Current Undergrad, Aerospace Engineering

Graduate Degree:

 Purdue University-Main Campus - Masters, Aerospace Engineering

GRE: 326

GRE Quantitative: 163

GRE Verbal: 163

Bicycling, Rock Climbing, Robotics, photography

College Physics

Discrete Math

Electrical and Computer Engineering

High School Physics

Homework Support

Industrial Engineering

Mechanical Engineering