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I earned a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology and, more recently, a Bachelor of Music in trumpet performance from the University of Central Arkansas. Both as an engineer for Dassault Falcon Jet and as a freelance musician in central Arkansas, I have learned that being friendly, patient, easy to work with and having good attention to detail are keys to success. While science, especially physics, and music are my passions, I also teach a variety of math and ACT test prep subjects. Physics is so interesting to me because it's the math of things we see every day. It's a way to use math to describe things we can predict easily but don't know why. I think our subconcious brains are secretly physics geniuses. Music and science are connected and I love to learn about how these seemingly contrasting areas are more similar than different. Having knowledge is awesome and learning new things is exciting.
Learning happens best when we come to discover answers through our own exploration of problems, but it can be very frustrating to get stuck and feel like we're falling behind. I find that students have the most success long term if I can guide them through a problem relatively hands-off and teach them how to think critically and understand the details. Things like test anxiety begin to fall away once students have confidence that comes from real knowledge and understanding. I really do honestly believe that anybody can learn to do anything they want if they have enough patience.
When I'm not practicing my trumpet or reading NASA's Twitter page, you can probably find me outside cycling, camping, or in the rock climbing gym.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Missouri University of Science and Technology - Bachelors, Aerospace Engineering

ACT Composite: 31

ACT English: 34

ACT Math: 30

ACT Science: 35

AP Biology: 5

Trumpet, music, camping, climbing, cycling, technology, aviation, space

College Physics

High School Physics

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Music Theory