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Education is not just memorizing and regurgitating facts and figures that you will likely forget. Although this is important for standardized testing and good exercise for your memory, it is not true learning. Education is truly about seeking and gaining knowledge and understanding for yourself. It is learning to question, to research, to think deeply about what stirs your curiosity, and how to relate and assimilate what you discover with your own life experiences and understanding of the world. Everything is interconnected, and learning is like a treasure hunt. When you jump into exploring a topic, it can lead you to incredible discoveries in subjects and places you may never have imagined. Your education is your personal investment in yourself, so make it your own, passionately driven exploration of the world.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Antioch University-Santa Barbara - Bachelors, Liberal Arts Applied Psychology

Hiking, cycling, horseback riding, dancing, music

College English

Comparative Literature

High School English

Life Sciences

Social Sciences