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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

During this session, the student and I reviewed her critical reading strategies. We also talked about a "divide and conquer" strategy for double passages. We spent the remainder of the session working through writing multiple choice problems, to continue to increase the student's familiarity.

The student and I reviewed the essays he had worked on, as well as outstanding math problems he had done for the session. I reiterated that he should not focus on additional vocab lists until he is confident with the first 10, as they are in order of most frequently occurring on the test. That being said, I am happy to provide additional lists for him to take on between now and next week if he feels so inclined. I will also be providing the student with 2 more essays to practice with for our next session, as well as 'grid-in' math problems, as we have not yet practiced those. I will be emailing more writing practice so we can diagnose any problems he may have in that subject, although, based on practice tests he has taken, the student feels pretty comfortable with the writing section.

Started to work with the student on an overview of the test and refresher general information for all 3 sections. Spent an hour covering vocab.

We worked on planning out 3 essays that covered some issues and topics outside of the student's comfort zone so that he can become more comfortable with writing about some of his less favorite issues. We also reviewed an English section that he had some particular difficulty with while completing.

The student and I worked on writing and math today, searching specifically for problems that referenced strategies we worked out in the past. This included checking verb-subject agreement across long distances, verifying referents for pronouns, and ensuring objects of comparison truly matched. In math, we also revisited options for finding our way through advanced geometry problems, and methods to keep complex units "packaged" and manipulate them (relabeling, modifying existing equations to match a "target", and adding whole equations together).

Since the student is taking the SAT soon we're spending extra time this week. Today I went over the entire writing section, all the parts besides the essay, just so that he'll be very familiar with the types of questions. We went through the 3 different writing multiple choice types of questions and learned a couple handy tricks and the usual assortment of errors. We're going to spend a little more time on the math too, but would rather not focus this time on a whole subject. Instead it's better to hone in on the strengths!

Her test is this week so we covered some of the basics of algebra. I told her that her goal on this test should be to get as many of the first 12 or 15 questions correct on each section and only look at the last few questions if she had time so we practiced that. We looked at some vocab words and left it at that.

The student and I checked over several practice sections that he completed for homework. We then reviewed all the grammar rules of the Writing section. The student is doing better in all subjects, but he still has to be a little more through to get over the hump in math. A good goal for Karoly would be a 100 points better in each section.

We identified time management as an issue in critical reading sections with longer passages. I've asked the student to do 3 more timed CR sections between now and then and to gauge his time left at the end of each page. Next we practiced applying CR strategies in a CR section. We also reviewed a few math problem types that are more difficult for him.

The student and I today went over all three sections of the exam (verbal, writing, and reading comprehension.) She generally does very well at math and for the most part we'll probably just need to focus on reading comprehension. We are reviewing strategies for that section and I am encouraging to study vocabulary in between our sessions.

We reviewed the homework I had left the student with. During the session we focused on his problem solving skills and had a good breakthrough with the reading section. In particular, reading the questions first, and answering the short questions (i.e. "In sentence 20.. etc."). After our session we decided that he needed to work on his vocabulary, sentence structures, multi-variable algebra, and geometric analysis.

Spoke with her about what she's worked on since our last meeting. She told me that she had done some work in the mathematics section and had done a little reading work. We then spent the session primarily on the writing (non-essay) section and dealing with vocabulary, something she had said she had some difficulty with. We simply went through the book discussing strategies for how to look at the questions, the type of questions that are commonly used, and strategies for practicing vocabulary moving into the future.

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