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Experience ISEE tutoring by highly credentialed tutors. Top tutors will help your child master the ISEE through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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Talented ISEE tutors are nearby and highly prepared to assist your child in his or her educational journey. They hail from the highest caliber of schools including MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and other nationally recognized programs.

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Harvard University - Studies Of Women, Gender, And Sexuality

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Georgia Institute Of Technology - Biochemistry

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New York University - Economics

How a tutor can help your student master: the ISEE


Our educational director will pinpoint learning styles, map out goals and plans to target specific areas for improvement.


Your instructor will identify your child's current ISEE skill level, as well as specific weaknesses to be addressed.


Your child will surpass his or her learning goals with an education program personalized to his or her needs.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student and I started with a brief review of the content and strategies we worked on for the Math sections in our last session. He retained the content very well, especially the geometry basics we had covered. He also showed marked improvement in his focus and his implementation of the suggestions and techniques I had offered him, and even volunteered without prompting to talk me through how he'd gotten to a couple of right answers based on our work in the previous session. After wrapping up our Math section work, we continued our preparation for the Verbal section by going over some common prefixes and grade-level-appropriate word roots that span words he's already familiar with. We practiced spotting those elements in test questions and their corresponding answer choices and using their meanings to help identify correct answers.

More decimals and operations with negative numbers. We switched to practicing vocab questions towards the end. I have high hopes for our Return to the Library.

Completed preparation questions in the areas of math and verbal reasoning. I'm working on identifying particular parts of problems (such as unfamiliar words or lengthy phrases) that slow the student down and we're trying 2-3 alternate problem solving techniques for each tricky problem. I'm also introducing helpful test-taking habits such as keeping running tallies, using sketching and lines to strengthen word-number associations and being able to quickly distinguish the difference between necessary and superfluous information.

The student did additional preparation. She did much better with this session, as she took the time to actually apply the skills that she has learned during the course of tutorials. She did a lot of work on the verbal reasoning by challenging herself to learn and apply new vocabulary.

The students wrote an essay to practice for the CPT. Then they completed 2 sections of the Verbal Reason Practice Test for the Middle Level ISEE and part of the Quantitative Reasoning section of the math.

The student and I continued our vocabulary expansion, adding another 15 or so words to her list for her to learn in the next couple of weeks. I'll try to add one more set of seven for the final week before she and I do the practice test! We also worked on algebra again, just for about 30 minutes. The student is good at it and doesn't need much practice on the basic algebra that she needs to know for the exam.

I had my first session with the student today. Her parents are concerned about getting her English better and her getting a good score on the exam she plans to take. She and I worked on the math for the exam (some of which she hadn't yet covered in school) and reading comp. Her English is pretty good but the material is hard for her. We will continue to work on it.

The student took one practice exam. He seems to have a good grasp on math except for negative and positive integers and some tabular data. He needs practice in reading comprehension and on building vocabulary in the next couple of weeks to be successful on the real exam.

Reviewed vocabulary using flash cards. I left the cards that he didn't know with him to practice. We also worked on positive and negative integers (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), equivalent fraction, mixed numbers, and improper fractions.

We went over his assigned essay that he completed for homework. He edited his paper and I explained how to better organize his writing by using a draft and an outline. We created a new outline together for him to use when writing his new essay for homework. We then went over algebra, rounding, estimation, and averaging practice. I assigned the essay, algebra, and geometry homework for him to look over this evening.

Today, the student and I worked on reading comprehension and math. I gave her math (addition, subtraction, multiplication) to practice while she's on vacation, and I emailed her verbal and quantitative sample test questions.

Today I assessed the students' needs during ISEE preparation. Both need some work on their vocabulary. In addition, the first student will be learning some study skills and reading skills to master the reading comprehension section of the exam, and the second student will be learning several math skills over the summer as well as understanding how to organize an essay.

How can a tutor help your child master the ISEE?

The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) can represent a complicated moment in your child’s academic upbringing. Which level should your child register for? How soon should he or she begin to study? Varsity Tutors can help connect you with ISEE tutoring across the United States to help you answer all of the questions you may have.

The ISEE is given to students in grades 1 to 11, and it is available in both paper and computer formats. The primary level is for students in first through third grades; the lower level is for students in grades 4 and 5; the middle level is for 6th and 7th graders; and the upper level is given to students of 8th through 11th grades. The primary test has from 48 to 56 questions to test reading, math, and writing, and it takes from 53 to 60 minutes, depending on the precise grade. The lower-level test takes from 2 hours and 20 minutes, and it is the first ISEE form to divide the test into its standard four sections: Verbal Reasoning; Quantitative Reasoning; Reading Comprehension; and Mathematics Achievement. The middle and upper levels of the test retain this format but expand the length out to 2 hours and 40 minutes allotted for completion.

The exact distribution of time and questions is as follows: for the lower level, students will have 20 minutes for 34 verbal reasoning questions, 35 minutes for 38 quantitative reasoning questions, 25 minutes for 25 reading comprehension questions, and 30 minutes for 30 mathematics achievement questions; for the middle and upper levels, students will have 20 minutes for 40 verbal reasoning questions, 35 minutes for 37 quantitative reasoning questions, 35 minutes for 36 reading comprehension questions, and 40 minutes for 47 mathematics achievement questions.

Qualified ISEE tutors are also mentors, guiding your child through the process of applying to independent schools with one-on-one sessions in your home or online, according to your schedule. ISEE tutoring guides potential test-takers with a review regimen tailored to their specific learning style and proficiencies. The relationship between student and tutor is crucial, and tutors work diligently to create a harmonious test-prep environment that is as free from stress as possible.  

Call Varsity Tutors’ office today for additional information. We look forward to embarking on an ISEE tutoring journey with you and your student!