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Free ISEE Lower Level Math Resources

Our free ISEE Lower Level Math learning tools offer a comprehensive suite of resources to help you improve your abilities in this area. We offer diagnostic tests, practice tests, flashcards, and well organized example content to let you dive in to any specific concept within ISEE Lower Level Math.

In this competitive world, we have no choice but to work harder to stand out from the crowd. Whether professionally or academically, we have to strive to make a mark for ourselves. Private schools look for students giving one hundred percent to their education. Admissions officers have a number of ways to discern if a student will be able to make the most of the educational experience their school can offer. The Independent School Entrance Exam (referred to as the ISEE) is a widely used instrument that aids schools in the evaluation of prospective students and their abilities. The ISEE has three ranks: The Upper level is for grades 9 through 12, Middle Level for grades 7 and 8, and finally the Lower Level is intended for students going into either 5 or 6 grade. Our Learning Tools can help your student with preparations for the ISEE Lower Level Mathematics exam.

All three ranks possess the same five sections differing only by the age and grade appropriate material used. These sections are titled Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Mathematics Achievement. Varsity Tutors comprehensive Learning Tools address every aspect of the ISEE, regardless of Level or subject. The ISEE Lower Level Mathematics Achievement section is meant to assess the student’s sum mathematical knowledge that they have been taught up to the point of the national 4th or 5th grade standards. The ISEE Lower Level Mathematics Achievement questions require the use of six primary areas of study: general problem solving and reasoning skills, geometry and algebra, and measurement and data analysis. Topics also include probability, conversions, and number and operations. On the subject of conversions, students are not expected to have committed conversion tables to memory (as any necessary information to arrive at the correct answer will be included in the test question). Varsity Tutors’ free online ISEE Lower Level practice tests will allow students to prepare themselves by getting used to the types of questions that will be posed to them on the actual exam.

The Lower Level ISEE gives the student 30 minutes to answer 30 questions, making it imperative that the student makes the most of their time, taking no longer than one minute per question. Again, Varsity Tutors’ free online Lower Level ISEE practice tests are the perfect way to familiarize the student with not only the types of questions presented, but with answering those questions within a time limit which can often be a nerve wracking experience for even the most composed test taker. Like all sections of the Independent School Entrance Exam, all questions are multiple choice, which relieves some pre-test jitters. However, on the ISEE Lower Level Mathematics Achievement section, the choices are always a bit tricky, coming very close to the correct answer. As calculators or scratch paper are not allowed, one miscalculation can result in a wrong answer. Developed for just such a purpose, Varsity Tutors’ ISEE Lower Level Mathematics Achievement diagnostic tests can identify precisely which topics the student may need to concentrate on, and then they can use our Learn by Concept online syllabus to get more practice questions and answers on specific subjects.

On exam day, it is important to approach each and every question logically. Read through the entire question before even glancing at possible answers, then do your best to work through the problem to arrive at your own conclusion. If you do not see your conclusion listed among the choices, looking for an answer that is close to the one you determined on your own can be a good approach. The ISEE does not penalize a student for incorrect answers, so even if you are uncertain, making a guess gives you a chance. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools offer an extensive collection of ISEE Lower Level Mathematics Achievement flashcards to lend a hand with quick review, keeping the student’s mind sharp for the “big day.” Keeping calm and cool is key to performing well on the ISEE Lower Level Mathematics Achievement assessment, and having the very best Learning Tools can make a signficant difference.

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