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Free ACCUPLACER Arithmetic Resources

Our free ACCUPLACER Arithmetic learning tools offer a comprehensive suite of resources to help you improve your abilities in this area. We offer diagnostic tests, practice tests, flashcards, and well organized example content to let you dive in to any specific concept within ACCUPLACER Arithmetic.

So you are getting ready to start college and you need to figure out what courses to sign up for. You may think it is simply a matter of choosing from the college’s course catalog, but then you discover you have to take some tests first—the Accuplacer tests. The Accuplacer tests simply test your current level of skills so you can be placed in the best courses for you in math and English from the start of your college career. More than 1,500 schools use the Accuplacer as part of the enrollment process.

The Accuplacer Arithmetic test has 17 questions and is designed to identify your level of skill with basic math operations as well as your ability to solve problems by using mathematical concepts. You will be presented with various types of questions. Many of the questions focus on basic math operations, such as adding and subtracting whole numbers, multiplying and dividing fractions, knowing equivalent fractions and working with decimals and percents. You will also be asked to solve problems using your understanding of measurement, percentages, simply geometry, fractions and wholes, and so on.

If you are being asked to take an Accuplacer Arithmetic test, do not be stressed. The test will help you and your college determine what you do well and where you need help in math. And the test is not an ordeal to take. First of all, the Accuplacer test questions are multiple choice, and they are computer generated to match your personal level of knowledge. How well you do on a certain type of question will determine the type and difficulty of the next question you get. In this sense, it is a highly individualized test—meant to help you display your math skills in their best light.

And here is some more good news: The test is not timed. Since you can take as long as you like to complete the test, you have a great opportunity to do your best without feeling like the clock is working against you. A good strategy to use when you take the Accuplacer Arithmetic Test is to take your time thinking through each question, choosing your answer carefully before moving on. This is a test where you do not have to rush through the questions, so pace yourself and concentrate on getting the right answers.

One way to get the best score on the Accuplacer Arithmetic Test is to practice ahead of time and get comfortable with the math concepts you will be expected to know. Try Accuplacer Arithmetic tutoring and use our free online Accuplacer Arithmetic Learning Tools. Even though you may have done well in high school math, it is smart to review basic concepts and then practice them until they become second nature. You might be surprised to learn you have forgotten some rules about fractions or decimals, for example, because you have not had to use them often. But doing math is a lot like riding a bike. With some review and rehearsal, you will be handling the Accuplacer Arithmetic problems with ease. 

Our free online Accuplacer Arithmetic practice tests can show you the types of questions that you will encounter, as well as how comfortable you are with different math skills. Once you have a sense of what you can ace as well as what you need to work on, you can use our Accuplacer Arithmetic flashcards to rehearse and memorize the things you need to improve. An Accuplacer Arithmetic tutor can help fill in the blanks if you find yourself stuck on a concept. 

Our flashcards can also help you create a personal Accuplacer Arithmetic study guide. Use what you discover from the practice test to make up a study guide that focuses on what you need to work on. Remember, it is worth it to you to do your best on the Accuplacer Arithmetic test so you can skip any math classes you do not need and go straight to the ones that will challenge you and teach you new ideas. After all, that’s why you are going to college!

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