Algebra 1 : How to graph an inequality with a number line

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Example Questions

Example Question #3265 : Algebra 1

Which line plot corresponds to the inequality below?

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Correct answer:



A closed circle indicates "greater than or equal to" or "less than or equal to," while and open circle indicates "greater than" or "less than". We can tell from the inequality that our line plot will only have closed circles, as the only symbol is "greater than or equal to."

Subtract  from both sides.

Divide both sides by .

Our plot will show a closed circle on , and extend infinitvely in the positive direction.


Example Question #3266 : Algebra 1

What inequality is represented by the number line?


Possible Answers:


Correct answer:



An open circle indictes "less than" or "greater than," while a closed circle indicates "greater than or equal to" or "less than or equal to".

This number line includes values that are less than  or greater than or equal to . Note how has an open circle, while has a closed circle.

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