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I am currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at Colorado State University (CSU). I am in the pursuit of my first bachelor double-degree, the bachelor of Biomedical and Electrical Engineering. To the best of my recollection, I have been engrossed in studying and effusively helping the others was one of the most eminent qualities that I have incorporated into my life values. Additionally, illuminating students with knowledge exhilarates me as I have a predilection for learning and it fulfills my desire to share the knowledge. I am very interested in tutoring because I think sharing is essential for knowledge to grow substantially. More importantly, tutoring appears to be extremely scrupulous and honorable to me by the virtue of the fact that we should always give more than we take. In my opinion, it is a way of contributing to the society after gaining something from it, and hereby, I am diligently trying to achieve my dream by becoming a tutor.
I graduated in Kota Kinabalu High School (located in Sabah, Malaysia) in year 2015 with the results:
A+ for Chemistry
A+ for Physics
A+ for Additional Mathematics
A+ for Mathematics
A for English
A for Moral
A for History
A for Biology
B+ for Chinese (Mandarin)
B+ for Malay
The level of the final exam is equivalent to GCE O Level. Throughout my high school years, there were numerous times where my peers sought help from me for different subjects. Their consistent solicitations culminated in several conducts of study sessions by me. According to them, my tutoring sessions had significantly and positively impacted on their results. During the sessions, I analysed and evaluated the important concepts prior to going through practice questions for knowledge consolidation.
In 2016, I successfully completed my Foundation Studies Program at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) with the excellent results of all High Distinctions:
98 for Evolutionary Biology
98 for Chemistry Dynamics
98 for Mathematics for Science & Engineering 1
83 for English for Tertiary Studies 1
82 for Ideas and critical Thinking 1
95 for Ecological Biology
93 for Chemistry of Materials
95 for Mathematics for Science & Engineering 2
86 for English for Tertiary Studies 2
88 for Ideas and critical Thinking 2
In this year, I was subjected to different academic challenges as it was my first time entering the Western world. The predominant challenge was to learn the proper way of citing and the acknowledgement of sources. Admittedly, it took me some time and effort to make adjustments as the knowledge I have attained in high school emphasized on rather different aspects. After I have adjusted to the academic expectations of UTAS, I strived to help my peers by regularly answering the questions they provided me with. These questions were pertinent to different subjects including mathematics, chemistry, English, biology and required a thorough and broad understanding of the material in order to provide accurate and precise answers. Occasionally, a group of friends and I will have short study sessions. I actively participated in these sessions to assist my peers with the content of which they were uncertain. I also tutored my next door housemate which was attending college at the moment. He was very grateful to me and claimed it helped him a lot.
Last year (2017), I was pursuing the Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine before I immigrated to the United States of America. I was able to complete my freshman year with the results of all High Distinctions:
83 for Introduction to Biomedical Sciences
86 for Cell Biology and Function
91 for Data Handling and Statistics 1
95 for Chemistry 1A
85 for Histology
88 for Anatomy & Physiology
84 for Microbiology and Health
95 for Chemistry 1B
Throughout this year, I have guided my peers academically a lot of times, especially when sophisticated content and calculations were involved, including physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biological concepts and the seemingly inexplicable theories of statistics. I even held a mini statistics lecture for my coursemates before the exam commenced.
I want to emphasize that even though I do not have an official accreditation or credentials for tutoring, I have a great aptitude for math (especially), biology and chemistry. I will put in the best effort in order to provide high quality tutoring and this is plausibly substantiated by the fact that all the help I have given to my peers were out of my exuberance for learning and not for financial purposes. All the results above that I have acclaimed can be proven by my official transcripts.
In order for my tutoring to be effective and welcoming, I have specific approaches for different audiences. To ensure a non-stressful environment for children, I would adopt a fun, relaxing style of teaching. For instance, I would use pictures and diagrams to facilitate their studies as most schools do. This will help them visualize the concepts and it is proven to be very effective. For teenagers or more mature students, I would reconstruct the challenging questions in several different ways so to ensure they understand the content thoroughly by an ample amount of practice. For instance, I will have empirically different but theoretically similar questions prepared in order to facilitate their understanding of the sophisticated concepts.
To guarantee a consistent academic progress of my fellow students, I promise to meet up with my students on a weekly basis. In contrast, I will never forfeit my students simply because they are not making progress. Instead, I will find the root of the problem and strive to solve it in conjunction with encouragement and consolation which, I am convinced, will ultimately result in an affirmative and positive consequence. I promise to actualize the commitment that I have proclaimed and I am confident and ready to contribute to the academic world.
Whoever that needs help academically- math, biology, chemistry or even English, please contact me and what you will be provided with is not only limited to quality tutoring but also a friend (that is great in table tennis!) who gives you a hand when you are in need! Contact me at jfctai@rams.colostate.edu or call me at 3036560398

Here is a quick example of my teachings:

In all my teachings, I would generally list out the definitions pertinent to the subject prior to anything else as I strongly believe understanding the meaning of terms is arguably similar to understanding the melody of music- essential in order to proceed to application. In this case, I would define
1. Linear Equation- An equation which constitutes two variables and forms a straight line when plotted graphically, therefore the word, linear.
2. First Variable, x- The input of the equation/function, usually the horizontal part of the graph.
3. Second Variable, y- The output of the equation/function, usually the vertical part of the graph.
4. Gradient,m- The slope of the graph.
5. Y-intercept,c- The part of the graph which intersects the Y-axis, in other words, the value of y when x=0.

Next, I would discuss key concepts pertaining to the subject and state the importance of the content. I this case, the key concepts would be
1. Rearranging the equation into the form of y=mx+c.
2. Computing the value of y-intercept (c) by assuming x=0.
3. Inserting 2 values of x into the equation and calculate their corresponding y-values for graph plotting.
4. Calculate the gradient.

whereas the significance of the content is
1. Basic and essential knowledge required for the pursue of higher standard or more sophisticated mathematics
2. Application, which I will now discuss

Including but not limited to young children and teenagers, more often than not, do not perceive the importance of academic knowledge. They simply view it as an obligation of "studying" and therefore do it for the delectation of their parents or teachers. This inevitably will lead to the loss of interest in the subject. In my opinion, it is the fault of their ineptitude to understand the application of such knowledge, the failure to conceive and relate the knowledge to its ubiquitous applications that lead to an eventual complacency in learning.
I will try my best to help them visualize the importance of application. For instance, the knowledge of linear equation can be realistically applied when calculating the demand of certain goods by consumers. A thorough apprehension of Linear Equation, being the prerequisite of calculus, can also lead to an outstanding comprehension of questions in the engineering field.

To address your inquiries, defining the key words will be of great assist to new students in the apprehension of unfamiliar topics. Listing out each and every single one of the key concepts will substantially facilitate the understanding and therefore memorization of the content. The student does not require any background as long as the individual is willing to learn. A fast paced teaching may cause confusion and therefore, I will tune my pace according to the aptitude and effort of the students. I will make sure the students are incorporating the information presented into their understanding by providing them with exercises consistently. I will also ensure at least one tutoring session per week so to guarantee a steady and positive academic progress of the students.

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Undergraduate Degree: Colorado State University-Fort Collins - Current Undergrad Student, Biomedical Engineering


My hobby is playing table tennis. I was a youth state player back in Malaysia and I really love table tennis! If you would like to start taking part in this amazingly fun sport, join me at Denver Table Tennis Alliance!

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