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I know it sounds nerdy, but teaching math is probably one of my favorite things to do. To me math isnt about memorizing formulas or finding x, it is about problem solving. I have found one of the biggest reasons math is so feared is we have been taught to approach it all wrong. The formulas are scary, you can never remember the steps, and it feels like youre only good at it if you can do it really fast. The truth is math isnt about any of that, math is just an attempt to understand the world around us. Since the time of the caveman, if I have a rock and you have a rock and we put them together we have two rocks. We all know this intuitively, but if we give it a name like addition it becomes taboo and confusing. My teaching philosophy comes down to taking the scary out of math and understanding what is really going on.
My experience tutoring math began in my Sophomore year of high school when my teacher noticed my interest and began asking me to come up to the board and go over problems in front of the class. It sprouted from there as friends and fellow classmates noticed I could simplify complex concepts into ideas that were much easier to digest. I did a lot of one-on-one tutoring in high school but it wasnt until College where I really started taking tutoring seriously. I began volunteering at a local high school through the Education Corps once a week until I was discovered by one of the teachers as a talented math tutor and brought on to work every day as an employee. I spent two years there until I came to UCLA where I joined Bruin Initiative, a student run organization that puts on a free Sat Prep class for underprivileged students. Since then, I have joined Varsity Tutors and am looking forward to more opportunities to be helpful.
At this point I have worked with students of all ages and ability levels. My only goal is to make students feel a little more comfortable and confident with math one session at a time.

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Undergraduate Degree: University of California-Los Angeles - Bachelor of Science, Computational Mathematics


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