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My interest and passion for my field of study sparked in high school. During my senior year in high school, I took anatomy and physiology and learned about anesthesiology as a profession was hooked into the field of science. For the first time in school outside of the practice field, I felt motivated to pursue something else besides football. Because of this new curiosity I developed for science, I grew an interest to purse biochemistry as a major in college. It wasnt until my second year in college where I took organic chemistry, and decided to shift my degree plan to chemistry and continue learning the fundamental principles on the atoms of matter that make up life.
Upon entering my undergraduate study at the University of Houston, I had no idea which discipline of chemistry would interest me most. In my second year of study, I took organic chemistry and fell in love with the nomenclature and the visual representation that make up these biologically relevant molecules. Learning the different type of organic reactions and the use of equipment to carry out these reactions in an experimental setting where absolutely fascinating to me. The first extraction reaction I conducted in organic chemistry lab involved brewing tea in a lab bench, followed by extracting the caffeine from the aqueous solution (or tea). Separating the solid caffeine from a liquid, that is a typical example of something we can drink everyday, was the realization to me that organic chemistry had something unique to offer me. It made me realize that although matter cannot be created, it can be separated and manipulated to ones liking and preference. I came into college wanting to become a doctor of medicine, but I soon came to learn of the fundamental theories that developed this practice. Organic Chemistry seemed to be the love of my undergraduate career.
During my third year of study, I entered an Organic research lab that focuses on organometallic chemistry synthesis and catalyzing hydrogenation. The application of the chemistry was to develop these catalyst that at low doses can serve as precursor drugs that can be used to eliminate toxic compounds. Our lab groups experimental findings led us to publish our research in the American Chemical Society Journal. While working in this lab, I solidified bench laboratory skills, such as; organic synthesis, compound purification, operating scientific instrumentation to characterize compounds (e.g. NMR, HPLC, GC/MS, IR, UV/vis, single crystal X-ray diffraction), and reviewing scientific literature. These skills serve as an excellent foundation in continuing my pursuit in being a Ph.D. candidate. I was lucky enough to have a great professor as a mentor who took the time to train me and teach me the essentials of working in chemistry research lab. This experience further motivated me and made me realize the significance, importance, and originality of scientific research. In earning my Ph.D. my interest in chemistry, I wish to pursue organometallic chemistry due to its biomedical application and heavy chemical content which can be used to target cancer and other detrimental illnesses.
In addition to pursing my degree in chemistry at the University of Houston, I was actively engaged with the community on a one-to-one level by helping people achieve healthier lifestyle through personal fitness. During my second year of college at the University of Houston-Downtown, the fitness manager of the recreation center introduced me into the field of study which I took as my new job. My hobby of physical conditioning and exercise started early in high school where I played football, which turned into a job during my second year in college. What has almost always been second nature to me became a method for me to help impact the health of the population at an individual level. I acquired my Personal Fitness Trainer Certification through AFAA where I developed specialized training programs that would help people reach their goals in health and fitness, while boosting their confidence and teaching them through principles of optimal well-being. I became responsible for coaching the student body, as well as the president of the University of Houston-Downtown to a better understanding of physical conditioning. What use to be a personal interest for bettering myself became a responsibility to care and help others. Being a part of the community taught me the importance of helping others and the role I hold as a fitness professional in the community. I embraced this role and made it my priority to help others and continue my education to further impact individuals at a larger scale.
During my undergraduate career, I learned the importance of education and the impact that knowledge has on an individual. Becoming interested in a field of study sparked an interest that moves individuals towards fulfilling their prophecy. In tying emotion to my studies, I learned to connect the material I learned to life applications and significance in the world and society. Acquiring strong understanding of time management and the importance in managing ones duties accordingly have allowed me to make substantial gains in both academic and personal life. I am certain that I have the motive, will, motivation, knowledge, and consistency to purse a Ph.D. program and attend graduate school.

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