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Full disclosure: People seem to prefer me to other tutors because I don't claim to be the smartest guy in the room. I'm the guy who translates the information so that everyone in the room is on the same page. That's how I have always approached both my own learning and teaching styles and I have found success in both. I tutored during my undergraduate (Major: Nutrition) and graduate school (Biomedical Sciences: Neurophysiology focus) years at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I found that I not only enjoy tutoring, but that I have tailored my communication skills to effectively help students conceptualize difficult material. I also have years of experience in both lab research and clinical research working out of Karmanos Cancer Institute.
I am always open and honest with those I work with and I expect the same since we need to fully understand your strengths and weaknesses. I am always striving to get better as well, so constructive criticism of my teaching style is always welcome. While there are tips and tricks that I will help you regarding passages, nothing beats timed practice and effective review.
I have over 4 years of tutoring experience both in group setting and one-on-one. I have worked with students from 5th-12th grade, college students, and students who are now in medical school.
In my experienced opinion, there are 3 main factors for undoubted success on the MCAT. We must create a personalized study plan while using the proper study materials and committing ourselves to success. We will have daily practice questions under timed conditions followed by review and discussion of topics that give you difficulty. Many people focus too much on content review and end up finding themselves at a disadvantage in their test stamina. Arguably the most important factor is your positive and competitive attitude to keep bettering yourself and to maintain focus on your goal through the most difficult times of your studying. It will get very difficult, that's why I am here for you.
Each personality learns in a specific manner and I am grateful for my past experiences with people of all different cultures, educational backgrounds, and ages that I have had the privilege of working with.
LEARNING IS FUN when we tailor the learning to your specific needs and when you can see measurable results. I generally meet you at your level of understanding and extrapolate which foundational principles are weak and which ones we can build upon. I cannot stress enough how important a solid foundation of understanding is for this exam. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. You may not get that perfect score, but we can get you close.
Scientific literacy also seems to be a point of confusion for a lot of students so we will spend some time reviewing research articles that are stylized to the MCAT format and discuss independent/dependent variable manipulation so that you are well versed for any experiments that passages can throw at you.
Again, I believe in being honest and open at all times. You may not enjoy the process of preparing for this exam, but I guarantee you that you will walk out of your MCAT center feeling confident and relaxed because you took all necessary precautions to ensure a good result.

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Undergraduate Degree: Wayne State University - Bachelor of Science, Nutrition Sciences

Graduate Degree: Wayne State University - Master of Science, Biomedical Sciences

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