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Hello, friends. Matt here. I used to be awful at languages. Now I speak a whole bunch of them, with more in the works. Am I special? No. Did I stumble upon techniques that make language learning fun? Yes. Do I have the confidence that anyone can learn two or three or six new languages? Aye!

What I tutor:
English as Second Language
French (Beginner to College Level)
Brazilian Portuguese (Beginner to College Level)
Spanish (Beginner to just before AP)
Mandarin (Beginner to just before AP)
German (Beginner)

Also, If you need help writing essays, I can super help with that.

How I tutor:

First, ask the student what they're interested in, and go from there. "Do you like airplanes? Let's start making some sentences about airplanes." You tell me what you want to communicate, and I will walk you through it in another language.

Second, "Mouth Pushups." This is where we use what we've learned to keep talking, talking, talking. The more you practice talking, the more you will learn how to SPEAK the new language. And of course I talk a lot, too, so you get just as much listening practice.

Alternatively, these other activities can be combined with mouth pushups:

Reading Aloud:
Want to read X-Men comics in French? Or The History of Brazil in Portuguese? Or how about "Yo" by Ricky Martin? Whatever you want to read is fine by me. You read, I help you with pronunciation and content. Absorb the grammar passively through repetition, just like you learned English.

Reading Subtitles:

I can't tell you how much Portuguese I've learned from Scooby Doo. I've mostly learned from real people, but this is still one of the best ways to consolidate vocab, pronunciation, and grammar all at the same time.

Dubbed Cartoons:

I'd say my French is 93% fluent. Am I smart? Not a chance! Do I frequently watch The Simpsons with French dubs? Yes. Listening to dialogue is critical. At first you recognize a few words. Then, before long, if you've done a little bit each day, you will understand a bunch of it, then most of it....then ALL of it.

Of course, I can also help people with their classroom materials, such as homework and textbooks. Yes, even that can be fun if we connect it with your interests.

Thank you for reading, friends. May your language gardens grow vast and wild.

Matt Cowe
Mateo La Vaca
Mateus A Vaca
Matieu La Vache

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Undergraduate Degree: Skidmore College - Bachelor in Arts, Neuroscience


Tai chi, Karate, Languages, Painting, Cartoons

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AP French Language and Culture

Conversational French

Conversational Mandarin

Conversational Spanish



Essay Editing


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French 2

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French 4


Mandarin Chinese



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Spanish 2

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